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PostHeaderIcon Il paracadute di Baumgartner per il record Red Bull

This one-of-a-kind rig has key features you won’t find in any other parachute system.

No parachute is guaranteed to operate higher than 25,000 feet. But Felix will jump from 120,000 feet. A special rig developed to meet his needs is truly next-generation equipment.

Felix’s parachute rig includes a main parachute, emergency chute, unique stabilizing drogue, and oxygen system. Overall, it weighs roughly 60 pounds.

If all goes according to plan, Felix will deploy only his main chute. To do so, he’ll need to slow from the speed of sound to approximately 172 mph.

If, however, Felix experiences uncontrollable spinning or instability in his attempt to reach the speed of sound, he can deploy a small chute, called a “drogue,” designed specifically to steady him even at supersonic speeds.

Felix’s emergency chute, the reserve, is unique, too. Normal skydiving rigs don’t have a mechanism to cut away the reserve, a skydiver’s last resource. But Felix’s oxygen supply is limited, and if his reserve accidentally deployed at high altitude, his landing could be delayed so much that he’d run out of oxygen while still suspended in the stratosphere. That’s why Felix has the option to cut away the reserve and return to freefall, finally pulling his main parachute once he reaches a “normal” altitude.

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