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Wingsuit History

1912 - Austrian Franz Reichelt leaps from the Eifeltower in a winged suit. The outcome is fatal, but it marks the beginning of many winged experiments in the years that come.

1930 - Several brave men such as Clem Sohn, Harry Ward and Leo Valentin put their mark on the discipline. Experimenting with new wing designs, risking life and limb to pursue their dream of flight. Most of them end up paying the ultimate price. But inspire many generations that follow.

1994 - Frenchman Patrick de Gayardon studies and jumps a revolutionary wingsuit design. Marking the beginning of modern skyflying. The suits are made of fabric only, with wings featuring a bottom and top surface, linked by ribs. The wings inflate with ram air like modern square parachutes. The suit features a safety system, allowing the wings to separate via a wire running down the wing and body. He does some incredible flights at the Mont Blanc, in the Grand Canyon, etc.

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