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PostHeaderIcon Successo per il progetto RedbullStratos

Quando l’uomo mise i piedi sulla luna ero ancora piccolo per capire il valore e l’impegno necessario per superare delle barriere difficile da comprendere.

Stasera alle ore 20.00 circa ci siamo fermati su una piazzola con tutta la famiglia per ammirare dal telefono il momento del distacco di Felix Baumgartner da 39000 m!!!!

Un’emozione unica…attendere che si aprisse il paracadute dopo quasi 4,19 minuti di caduta libera!!

Fantastico ha raggiunto 1348 km/h!!

Grazie al Team RedbullStratos!!!

PostHeaderIcon A dom.14 ott il nuovo tentativo record per Felix Baumgartner

Tutto rimandato a domenica 14 ottobre come sempre presso l’aeroporto Roswell-USA.

Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1969, Felix began skydiving at the age of 16 and polished his skills as part of the Austrian military’s demonstration and competition team. In 1988, he began performing skydiving exhibitions for Red Bull. The company’s out-of-the-box thinking and Felix’s adventurous spirit clicked, and they’ve collaborated ever since.

By the 1990s, Felix felt that he’d gone as far as he could with traditional skydiving, so he extended his canopy skills with BASE jumping - parachuting from a fixed object or landform. He finds that the lightning-fast reflexes and precise techniques required by such low-altitude feats also enhance his high-altitude skydiving technique.

Felix has made world-record BASE jumps and has been nominated for a World Sports Award and two categories in the NEA Extreme Sports Awards. He is also a prominent advocate for the nonprofit Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation. And, while he acknowledges that the Red Bull Stratos mission is a step into the unknown, his determination to reach the edge of space and break the speed of sound is unshakable. “If Red Bull Stratos is successful, we can share data that hasn’t been available ever before,” Felix states. “I would be proud to be able to make such a contribution.”

PostHeaderIcon Preparativi per il record Red Bull

In ritardo di 24 ore causa maltempo il prossimo tentativo dovrebbe essere alle ore 19.00 circa ora italiana.

Qui di seguito il link per seguire in diretta questa incredibile esperienza.

All’interno del sito un ampia gamma di articoli riguardanti tutti gli aspetti di questa avventura scientifica.

Forza Felix!!!


Il protagonista di questo evento sarà dotato di una capsula di sicurezza appositamente costruita:

“CYPRES 2 (Cybernetic Parachute Release System) automatically initiates the reserve parachute at a predetermined altitude. Felix Baumgartner wears the display unit on his right shoulder.”

In a potential emergency situation, CYPRES 2 is an electronic “automatic activation device” that can act as a third hand for Felix, automatically initiating his reserve parachute should his main become unusable. For Red Bull Stratos, AIRTEC developed a special ‘STRATOS CYPRES’ that is capable of withstanding the incredibly hostile environment found at 120,000 feet.

The release component is installed in Felix’s reserve parachute container. In the event he cannot open or trigger either of his two landing parachutes by himself, this exclusively designed equipment will initiate the opening of the reserve parachute at the assigned time and safety altitude. The capabilities of CYPRES 2 are based on atmospheric pressure and advanced AIRTEC technology.

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