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Felix Baumgartner landed safely near Roswell, NM following a test jump from (preliminary) 96,640 feet / 29.455 meters, after 3 minutes and 48 seconds of freefall leading up to a 10 minute and 36 second decent. It’s an incredible achievement considering this is the fastest and highest jump for Felix so far.

In March, Felix completed the first manned jump, a culmination of testing equipment, the team, and the procedures together under real flight conditions. Felix is only the third person to have ever jumped from 71,615 ft. Although, this won’t be his highest freefall attempt, it’s high enough to verify the functionality of the pressurized space suit and the capsule’s abilities.

This stems from five years of testing and intensive work. The effort takes more than 100 expert personnel who have been building and creating one-of-a-kind technology, and sometimes coming together from across the world.

Data from the International Air Sports Federation (FAI) shows how the 1st manned test measured up.

  • Altitude reached: 71,615.2 ft / 21,828.3 meters
  • Parachute opened at: 8,210.6 ft / 2,502.6 meters
  • Freefall time: 3 minutes and 40 seconds
  • The fastest ascent rate of the capsule: 1,200 feet per minute (estimate)
  • Speed reached in freefall: 364.69 mph / 586.92 km per hour

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